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Course – How to start a business in Norway?  

This fall KBT Vocational College, in cooperation with Prios, started up a new course for immigrants.  Trøndelag Fylkeskommune (Trøndelag County Municipality) has allocated funds for the training of immigrants who want to establish their own business.  

With this course, KBT Vocational College and Prios will contribute to strengthening and developing the regular offer of establishment training in Trøndelag. By offering training to immigrants, we want to contribute to increased employment and growth in the region, and that immigrants can become part of this. 

Resourceful people who had to flee their country 

Most of the people starting on this new course this fall, are from Ukraina. They have various backgrounds, and many of them are highly educated. As we have learned in projects such as SMAB – Smart business for all, every country has its own systems and rules. With this course, hopefully it will make the way into starting new business in the region will be easier for immigrants with a lot to offer.  

The goal of the project is to help immigrants creating their own workplaces in Trøndelag. We hope that as much of 70 percent of the people taking this course, will start their own business, alone or in cooperation with others.