Bilde av Yvonne, Anne Louise og Lubna - erfaringskonsulentene i KBT Fagskole

Peer support workers in KBT Vocational School 

KBT Vocational School are continuously developing. This summer we finally got Peer support workers in our team. With our roots from KBT Competence Center for Lived Experience and Service Development, we have had Peer support workers connected to us since the start. Also in the board, we have Peer support workers.  

It’s still something different to have peer support workers dedicated to the work of the vocational school. From administration to representation and student contact.  

We are happy to announce that Anne Louise, Yvonne and Lubna (picture) are now a part of our team. Lubna are working on the project with a course for immigrants who wants to start a business in Trøndelag. In addition, she is a student at the new education program – social entrepreneurship. Since she is also a student, she doesn’t have tasks like student administration or student guidance.  

Former students at education for peer support workers 

All of the new Peer support workers are graduates from the first study program at KBT Vocational College: Eduaction for peer support workers. Therefor they know all about how it is to be a student here. And they will be a great resource to help us improve the student experience.  

Many of our students haven’t been to school for many years. They needs other kinds of support than a 19-year-old coming straight from high school. Some of them have dyslexia and similar challenges. Peer support worker Yvonne knows that that can be hard – but that you can still make it. Actually, she is using her own experiences from coping with such challenges to help today’s students. That has become a popular offer.  

Peer support workers with great engagement 

There’s no doubt that our new peer support workers have a lot of passion for both people and developing our education programs. Anne Louise points out that if we want to be serious about user involvement, it’s about time we hired peer support workers.  

She hopes help speeding up the process of integrating peer support workers both in Trondheim and the rest of the country.