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Social Justice for immigrants

KBT Vocational School wants to simplify the start-up process for immigrants

To celebrate the World Day of Social Justice on the 20th of February, KBT Vocational School has decided to share news of our European project named Smart Business for All.

Entrepreneurship demands idees and hard work, however, entrepreneurs also need knowledge of the country’s language and legal framework. In other words, starting a business is even more difficult for migrant entrepreneurs. However, how can we at KBT Vocational School be of an assistance in the European landscape of migrant start-ups?  Well, through the Erasmus + project Smart Business for All, this project aims to find new solutions for migrant entrepreneurs.

Smart Business for All’s goals:

  • Case studies about immigrants` need for training and facilitation
  • Development of an e-learning program which focus on immigrant entrepreneurs
  • Development of a web-based resource bank for said entrepreneurs
  • Facilitate immigrant start-ups for the green/ecological sector
  • Quality management and evaluation of activities and results (outcomes and impacts)

Case study about entrepreneurship

In the spring of 2022, KBT Vocational School with our European partners will create a case study, on the subject of migrant experience with start-ups. The goal is to develop a framework with vital information about migrants’ access to assistance and support in the start-phase of the start-up.  

This data will contain information about the partners country on national, regional and local level. KBT Vocational School will for example, use public data from SSB to identify the current situation in Norway.  

The project also entails focus groups with migrants’ entrepreneurs and migrant businesses. It is through focus groups that we will gain crucial information about the migrant entrepreneurs’ experience in Norway, Poland Germany, Spain, and Greece. The end result will be a report with information about what works and what needs to improve.  

KBT Vocational School is represented by Principal Karl Johan Johansen, and Preben Hegland.

KBT Vocational School’s partners:

KBT Vocational School’s aim with this project

KBT Vocational School wants to do its part in the inclusion of marginalized groups in society. The goal is to make it easier to create a business, even if you are living in a foreign country. The untapped knowledge and experience from migrants should be a resource for the community, which will also create a better connection between the local community and the migrants. The creation of a bond between the local society and its citizens is imperative for KBT Vocational School. In other words, the end goal is a good match with KBT Vocational School’s core values, which are based on Recovery, and the CHIME-model.

KBT Vocational School’s role

KBT Vocational School is responsible for this part of the project. This means that the end report will be delivered by KBT Vocational School. As the nucleus of the case studies assignment, KBT Vocational School will also provide our partners with templates and collecting data.  

The project has monthly meetings on Zoom with KBT Vocational School as the chairman of the meetings. In these online meetings, partners are given a space for questions and discussions. Additionally, to meetings, weekly communications also happen through the EU-platform ADINPROJECT.

Additionally, the project will have yearly physical meetings between the partners. The first meeting place for this European collaboration is Trondheim. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first meeting has been postponed, however, the lates news is that it may happen March.


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.