Group of people from the Nordplus network

A Nordic-Baltic network about educating and training Peer support workers 

KBT Vocational College is part of a Nordic-Baltic network for the education and training of Peer support workers. The network is initially supported for one year through Nordplus, till spring 2024.  

By sharing knowledge and experiences, we can in a Nordic-Baltic network strengthen and support each other in our various needs in the years ahead. The advantages of this network for KBT Vocational College are many. Some realistic examples for KBT Vocational College are more access to research, more alternatives to the possible syllabus, but also guest lecturers who can strengthen the education for Peer Support Workers at KBT Vocational College. 

In the network, subjetcs such as strategies, research, co-teaching, cooperation and Recovery can be discussed.  

Network partners:  

Different models for training Peer support workers 

Today, there are different ways of training Peer Support Workers in different countries. Here in Norway, we have everything from one year programs at KBT Vocational College, to shorter courses from for examle Erfaringsskolen i Oslo (The experience school of Oslo). Norway also have a interest organization for Peer support workers, Erfaringssentrum.  

In Sweden, NSPH are providing training of Peer support workers. They have shown interest for the education KBT Vocational College offers. This network is a good place to exchange experiences and ideas around training and education.  

The field of peer support workers are still quite new. There are still discussions of which type of training should be available, and which kind of actors should provide them. Also, in which areas the peer support workers can and should work are still up for debate. We think peer support workers have a great potential in several different fields, and that we maybe will discover new areas in the years to come.  

A network such as this, can be positive for bringing the field further.